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Writing a Personal Essay for College: Simple Steps to Great Success

As more and more students are applying to colleges and universities, it’s getting harder to gain entrance for a limited number of spaces. But how can you elevate your chances to being admitted to the college of your dream?

The answer is quite simple: by writing an excellent personal essay for college application as a significant part of admission exams. Learn how to write a winning one using our tested advice.

In the personal essay, you can describe details from the specific situation in your life and highlight what you have learned from that experience. It may be 500 words (or even 250) but this personal essay for college application can be your lucky ticket for acceptance or show you a bitter taste of rejection. Your paper tells to admission committee why you are exceptional and different from other applicants.

So how to start a personal essay for college? First of all, select a topic. Make a list of events that come to your mind. Choose one that made a great impact on your life and you learned something important from it. Gather all necessary details and take your focus on the selected track. Think about how you want your reader to feel and what order of the story would create the strongest impression. After that, write your very first draft trying to catch the reader’s attention from the beginning.

How to Write a Personal Essay: 5 Tips to Writing College Application Essay

Writing an application essay can be one of the most exhausting parts of applying process. To help we want to equip you with these simple steps on how to write a personal essay about yourself that will make you a champion of admission competition.

  • Be real, be thoughtful, be you. The admission committee won’t spend too much time for your essay if you don’t write about the personal Don’t give detailed narrative about your favorite trip, but instead describe what you have learned from it and in what way it has changed your world outlook.
  • Feel absolutely free to be creative or even funny (but don’t overreach). If these qualities are what set you apart from your classmates, mention it at the content of your essay. Realize what your personal strengths are, and don’t be shy to stick them up.
  • Tell to admission committee something they don’t already know. While writing a personal essay for college application, keep in mind all of other parts of your request to avoid the reiteration of personal information. Don’t use your personal essay to summarize your academic achievements or extracurricular involvement, if professors have already seen all these stuff in the resume or transcript.
  • Edit, proofread and polish. Keep an eagle eye out for grammar and spelling mistakes and revise your text several times. Begin to write it early, so you will have enough time to proofread and present your paper in clear and polished way.
  • Ask your parents, teachers, coaches or friends for additional help. They know for sure how unique you are, and can assist you in expression your thoughts in the best way.

Imagine your audience, in this case, your admission committee, as a real people on the other side of the paper. They don’t know you and have no intrinsic knowledge about problems you have in life. So you have to invite your readers to your personal essay. Focusing on your audience, you will create something that has value, something that makes committee glad to read what you have written. Reaching you audience is perhaps the best advice for successful writing.

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