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How to write a recommendation letter


Letter of recommendation is an important document, which determines the fate of your admission to the University of dreams and often ask for employment to work. Most employers require a letter of recommendation to ensure that your competence and experience, to see what skills you have, how do you deal with certain situations.
On admission to the undergraduate program or a master’s 99% of high schools abroad require you 2 letters of recommendation for the program PhD (analogue graduate) usually requires three letters of recommendation.

Start with the most complex – the correct choice of referees. The best option – if one is to write your letter to the professor of the University, the other – your employer or a colleague who knows you from different sides. The university is to be not just a professor who conducts lectures and you have seen a couple of times, and the person with whom you have worked directly, which you well know, and can present information about you.

We advise you to ask for a recommendation to the supervisor or the professor with whom you are doing joint research, scientific work. If you take the recommendation to work, in an ideal – it is your supervisor or head of department. If you do not want to talk about the leadership that a letter of recommendation to go to university, consult a colleague. The top universities such as Stanford and Harvard get recommendations from colleagues. Your colleagues are working directly with you, see your every day, well you know, you will be able to recommend for admission and emphasize leadership.

A very important point – if you have high friends (stars, officials) – do not need to ask them to write a letter of recommendation. Firstly, the people who know you or bad, or do not know at all. Secondly, your acquaintances, you will surprise nobody, as in many top University attended by children of officials, heads of state, international celebrities, the children of presidents of various countries. Not only are you will not be able to surprise anyone, but also get the incomplete recommendation.

Be prepared to write letters on their own without use coursework writing services .When you decide so much to do, you have a task – to write a letter of recommendation itself. Do not be surprised if the recommender will ask you to write a letter. One must be careful, because many universities see that the applicant himself wrote the recommendations. This is evident by the praise, the absence of criticism, the same letter structure, the same lexical and grammatical errors.

Discuss with the introducer of the letter. Sit down with him and ask the recommender. Do not write only words of praise about yourself. Often, the recommendation goes with profile, in which you have to evaluate your character. The purpose of the recommendations is to understand you as a person, as a person with whom the teachers will work every day, so do not hesitate to mention about your weaknesses in recommendation. You need not only to mention their quality, but also to back everything that you write real-life examples. Also, do not write your accomplishments in one list, this information is already in the statement. Selection committee are interested in specific details. If your recommender knows your well, you can mention what you do outside the classroom, and how it helps you.Give your referees enough time to write a letter of recommendation – at least a month. If there is a situation that it is necessary to recall, then do it for a week – two to advance stipulated term. Simplify person job – provide as much information as possible about where you act on what program to attach your application and your score sheet. Do not forget to thank a referee, he spent much time and tried to help you.

About Author: Nick Larson is a freelance author, who creates papers about education. His collection of amazing articles is huge and useful. His writing blog is extremely popular and full of fresh news.

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