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Great Gatsby: American Dream Essay

Struggling to write a compliment-worthy essay about dreams? There is a couple of points that can clue you in and help to write excellent essays on the American dream. In fact, your teacher may suggest that you write on one of the dream-related topics.

These could be Great Gatsby as American dream character, Martin Luther King’s speech “I have a dream” reflection essay or essay on Shakespear’s “Midsummer Night Dream”.

What are American dream essays based on? Basically, it depends on the essay type. Whether you need to write an argumentative, explanatory or description essay, each one has a particular structure and cliches you need to stick to. Therefore, as your first step towards a perfect essay on the American dream, define the essay type and learn about its structure.

Instead of going where the wind takes you with your topic, you would be better devote some time to reading about what the American dream actually is. For instance, in the example essay you need to provide some icons of the American dream. In this case, “The Great Gatsby”, American dream essay based on the novel by Fitzgerald, would be an ace in your sleeve. As a matter of fact, when it comes to writing about the implementation of the American dream in literature, the Great Gatsby has been students’ savior all along.

On the other hand, if the topic of your essay concerns your personal insights about the American dream, definition essay is a good way is to describe what aspects American dream concept includes.

The American dream essay: ways of interpretation

In general, my American dream essay needs to entail the definition of the American dream. Secondly, once you define the aspects of the American dream, make a short but precise thesis sentence. Assuming that your vision of the American dream consists of at least three aspects (e.g. success, hard work and reward), you should assign a paragraph to each of them in the main body.

Your “I have a dream” essay based on M.L.King’s  speech would look rather like an opinion essay than a definition or description one. At the same time, such type of essay would require a strong thesis sentence and a bunch of supporting details.

While dream essays based on literature call for detailed analysis of characters and events, “My dream house” essay needs to have a lot of description and interior write-ups.

Dream act essay: writing essay about Shakespeare’s play

On assumption that you got “A Midsummer Night Dream” by Shakespeare as your essay subject, be prepared for a concrete reasoning of the act and characters. You are not supposed to write the story of “Midsummer Night Dream” essay per se, but to carefully analyze the reasons and motives of each character’s act. While this may look simple, in actuality, it requires plenty of thinking and critical approach.

Shakespeare’s plays are bursting with allusions, metaphors and implications, so you need to take your time for analysis considerably. Even supposing “Great Gatsby”, American dream essay seems easier for understanding and interpretation than Shakespearean, it doesn’t suggest that this novel deserves less time and attention. On the contrary, per complexity and intricacy, these two pieces of work are totally compatible.

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