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MacKeeper: All-In-One Solution or bulk troublemaker.

MacKeeper is a package of multifunctional tools that promise to optimize, clean, and protect your Mac. This is also quite a controversial application that provokes a lot of hustle and bustle in the Mac community, as described at Is MacKeeper Legit? – You Should Know the Truth article.

Let’s see what MacKeeper is and how it works.

Human Assistance

MacKeeper’s opening feature is called “Find & Fix”, and this feature has a lot to offer. Its working principle consists of the following steps:

  1. Scans your Mac for cleaning, security, and performance issues.
  2. Allows the user to send the report on found issues to an “alive and human” Apple Certified Professional.
  3. The expert examines the received report and provides the user with suggestions on how to possibly improve their system performance. By the way, you can even chat with this person.

The Human Assistance block also features the Geek on Demand service, and that is how it works:

  1. The user leaves a tech-related question by typing it in the provided form. The more detail you give, the better.
  2. In a couple of days, the user gets a detailed answer from an Apple Certified expert.

So it seems that MacKeeper has started approaching its users individually, and it can be rather successful, as people love high-quality customer support.



MacKeeper values the security of its customers. Even when a security breach was discovered by an independent security researcher Chris Vickery, MacKeeper offered him collaboration, and they established an Analytical and Security Center.

As for the security features, I’d recommend Anti-Theft. Together with the iPhone app, this service can track your Mac in case it gets stolen, block it from being accessed by the thief, and make a web cam photo of the thief.

MacKeeper also has the Internet Security tools consisting of the Antivirus and Safe Browsing. You can use these tools in case you want additional security for your Mac.


Other features from MacKeeper’s toolset are as follows:

Hard drive cleaning tools. There are four cleanup tools that free your Mac from various types of junk: universal binaries, UI languages, system and user cache files, and system and user log files. They are quite useful if you have not cleaned up your Mac for quite a while.

Duplicates Finder. Finds accidentally duplicated files that could have been created, for example, when moving files between folders or other locations. By the way, this tool detects even the renamed copies. So all you have to do is select the original file that you want to leave, and remove the clones with a couple of mouse clicks.

Disk Usage. This utility allows you to see which folders and location are using the most hard disk drive space, helping you to free up even more disk space.

Memory Cleaner. This feature helps you deal with cluttered RAM of your Mac.

Smart Uninstaller. Removes your no longer needed apps totally and completely, with all widgets, preference panes, plugins, etc. when you drag an app to Trash, MacKeeper asks you whether you want to remove the app leftovers with Smart Uninstaller. Pretty useful feature.

Update Tracker. Follow up with updates of your apps to ensure that you never miss them.

Default Apps. Assign apps that should open certain filename extensions, such as PNG (there are numerous image viewing apps, and some of them can use lots of RAM and thus slow down your Mac).

Login Items. Lets the user specify the apps that he or she wants to open on the Mac OS X startup, and those that he or she does not want to be opened on the Mac OS X startup.

Backup. Creates emergency copies of the important data. Can back up separate files and folders.

Files Recovery. If you did not use the backup feature and accidentally moved some of your important files to the Trash and then run the Empty Trash command, do not get upset, as MacKeeper’s Files Recovery tool can return these files from the Trash. It can also restore files from external drives, not only from your Mac. Can recover the following types of files:

  • Audio: .mp3, .wav, .cda, .qcp, .rmi, .mid
  • Video: .mov, .avi, .mp4, .vod, .mpg, .swf
  • Photo: .bmp, .jpeg, .jpg, .tif, .tiff, .png, .icns, .svg, .gif, .psd, .psb, .dwg, .dxf
  • RAW Photos: .nef, .srw (or .dng), .kdc, .arw (or .sr2), .3fr, .dcr, .dng, .cr2, .orf, .pef, .raf, .mrw, .x3f
  • Documents: .rtf, .xlsx, .docx, .pptx, .doc, .ppt, .pdf, .plist, .html, .xml, .pages, .numbers
  • Archives: .zip, .rar, .7z

Data Encryptor. Encrypts and hides your personal files from prying eyes. Works as follows:

The user creates a password to access the tool.

The user creates another password to access the hidden files.

No one except the user can access the files without knowing the passwords.

Shredder. Removes sensitive information once and for all, without a chance to recover it with special tools. A nice option to cover your tracks when, for example, you are selling your old Mac to someone.

Files Finder. Looks for specific files on your Mac by specifying different parameters and search criteria, such as video files, audio files, archive files, .dmg files (applications), and photos.


The bottom line

If you are in search for an all-in-one software product to manage different tasks on your Mac, MacKeeper is a good choice and not a troublemaker. It will not only clean up or optimize your Mac, but also protect it from theft and offer human assistance for the “non-techie” users.